William Carson Winter Haven, hailing from Polk County, Florida, is a well-respected figure in real estate development. His successful career is backed by a valid Florida general contractors license and an impressive educational background from Tallahassee Community College in the northwestern region of Florida, also known as the Sunshine State.

Outside of his professional life, Carson invests his time and resources in aiding various charitable organizations and philanthropic causes. His city, Winter Haven, benefits from his dedication to several charity-based sports initiatives.

In his leisure time, Carson enjoys a broad range of pastimes. These pursuits include boxing, angling, football, golf, and hunting, reflecting his diverse interests.

Present Responsibilities & Functions:

S&C Development Group:

As the proprietor of the S&C Development Group, Carson leads a successful general contracting firm based in Florida. With its head office in Winter Haven in Polk County, the firm oversees projects ranging from 1,200 sq. ft. to a massive 300,000 sq. ft. The firm's specialized team offers more than five decades of collective experience and guides projects from inception to conclusion.

The S&C Development Group upholds the highest standards of quality, thanks to its employees' dedication and professional prowess. Carson's proficiencies cover a broad scope, from new commercial and residential construction to refurbishing existing structures and site work.

Ridge Capital Development:

Carson also holds a prominent position as a senior partner in Ridge Capital Development, a company specializing in real estate and development capital. With its base in Winter Haven, Florida, the company's areas of expertise encompass construction, land development, real estate, and housing, both multi-family and single-family.

Natural Air E-Controls:

In addition, William Carson Winter Haven, based in Winter Haven, plays a pivotal role as a managing member and co-inventor at Natural Air E-Controls. The company manufactures heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems and ventures into producing advanced medical devices. At Natural Air E-Controls, Carson handles investor relations and shares inventor credits on one of the firm's innovative products.

Additional Enterprises:

Carson's entrepreneurial spirit has led him to set up several other profitable enterprises in the past and the present. These include Carson Consulting and Development, S.A.F.E. Liquids, Maximum Energy Corporation, and Double Down Investments.

Educational Background:

Carson completed his education at Tallahassee Community College in Leon County, Florida. Known for providing high-quality tertiary education, the college caters to students not only from the surrounding counties and Florida but from all over the country and abroad.

Established in 1966, the college has consistently ranked among the top community colleges in the United States for over half a century. It is the institution from where Carson obtained his degree in business construction.

Work History:

Carson's career as a general contractor began more than 15 years ago. Throughout his career, he has shown tremendous growth and skill, overseeing the construction of luxury homes, gas stations, medical centers, places of worship, and restaurants, to name a few.

William Carson Winter Haven's role as a general contractor and senior partner at Ridge Capital Development has seen him involved in joint ventures with notable developers and investors. Furthermore, his role at Natural Air E-Controls has led to the co-invention of a revolutionary product for the company.

As a licensed general contractor in Florida, Carson's credentials include a rigorous state certification examination, a minimum of four years of experience, comprehensive insurance coverage, and adherence to many other stringent criteria.

Professional Competencies:

Carson's professional journey over 15 years has seen him acquire a wide range of skills, making him a seasoned real estate developer.

William Carson Winter Haven

William Carson Winter Haven Managing Member at Natural Air E-Controls and Partner Founder of Ridge Capital Development.